Chapter 20
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The next morning I wake up and remember that Amber has finally planned her big bonfire for tonight. Eli has to work but he'll be off later in the afternoon and I have plans to spend some time with Mimi baking and knitting and hanging out. The prospect of an entire day filled with things I love propels me out of the warm bed.

I join Mimi on the couch and settle in a bright patch of sunlight. She smiles and tosses a corner of one of her hand-knit afghans over my feet, before going back to her own knitting. I settle in with the image of many mornings like this stretching before me, and amazingly I don't feel the familiar weight of guilt.

I unravel the mess of yarn in my bag. I haven't pulled these socks out for nearly a week and I'm only inches from binding off. We tal...

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