Chapter 18
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A million hours later we have traveled a distance of less than 5 miles and my arm feels like silly putty. I stopped smiling about 2 miles ago. By the time we pull up in front of the school and disembark from the float I am in a full on daydream in which I have already changed into a pair of sweats and am relaxing in front of a T.V. somewhere eating a chimichanga.  

Luke follows Amber and Nate down the steps of the float and turns to help me. Unfortunately all he gets for his trouble is an elbow to the collarbone when I wobble on an imaginary crack and body slam him from above. To his credit he catches me and keep us both upright and his grunt of pain is quiet enough to go unnoticed. I turn around to see if anyone else was watching. Eli is smiling sympathetically, although I'm not su...

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