Chapter 7
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Kyle and I head back to The Lavender for lack of a better idea. We inadvertently take the longer, more uphill way.

My bad.  

By the time we arrive we are drenched and wind whipped, more than a little frazzled by the increasing lightning and out of breath from running to avoid getting struck by it. Our entrance is less than subtle what with all the spraying water and semi-swearing. Mimi and Pops are sitting at the table with a teapot and two steaming mugs. Two more mugs are parked in front of Chip and Regina. There are plastered smiles all around. 

Coincidence? I think not.

Mimi politetly suggests we get cleaned up and asks us to mingle with the guests who are playing board games in the drawing room while waiting out the storm. Clearly she wants to continue talking abou...

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