Chapter 5
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Mimi listened to my story and asked to read the letter. Pops had gotten up and boiled water and we were now all sipping tea and cocoa out of cheerfully colored Fiesta Ware. Mimi's lips grew thin and white as she looked everything over. I could see her battling with herself in her mind. I knew she was debating what to tell me, what I could handle.  

My eye twitch grew more pronounced. I pointed it in her general direction.

“Look, Mimi. I’m 17 years old. How will I ever be able to protect myself, or trust anyone else to help me, if I don’t have all the information? Just tell me the truth.”

Kyle and Pops drink their tea and stare into the depths of their cups. I keep my ticking gaze locked on Mimi. I need her to trust me.

I watch her fac...

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