Chapter 17: Lori, Alone
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Lori stood in the hallway, trembling for what seemed like an hour before she felt like she could voluntarily move again. She had a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach, as if someone had just punched her and sucked all the air out of her. It was an empty and painful feeling and her head was swarming with guilt and the aftershocks of panic after experiencing Laurie’s wrath. Part of her wanted to run back to the hotel room, get on her knees, and beg for this woman’s forgiveness, but she knew that when Laurie had said she didn’t want to see her again, she meant it.

    Eventually, she made her way back to the lobby and became increasingly aware of stares coming from the few people milling about. Looking down at her body, she realized she was still wearing nothing but...

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Table of Contents

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