Chapter 12: Seducing Mr. Stines
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Lori Temple walked out of the bathroom, feeling her heart race as she made her way to the bed, where Mark had just hung up the phone after calling room service. “They’ll be here in a minute,” he said without looking at her. When he felt her weight settle in on the other side of the bed, he turned and noticed that something was different about her. She had regained a certain look in her eyes, a fierce and sultry one, and she looked as if she had cleaned up in the bathroom. She began to lay down on her side of the bed, and as she set down her head on a pillow, her hair cascaded around her and she moved her eyes toward him, lifting an eyebrow enticingly. Mark felt his heart skip a beat; his wife hadn’t looked at him like this in ages. He didn’t quite know how to react to...

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