Chapter 9: Awake (2)
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possibly be as seedy and frightening as the American prisons she saw in movies. She was lost in thought, realizing she’d actually never seen someone go to jail in England on TV or in a movie, and that this must be a beacon of hope to her in her darkest hour, when she snapped out of her daydream and slapped herself in the face. Hulk looked at her as if she’d lost her mind and she repeated, more forcefully: “The bills! Think about the bills, Hulk!”


    Hulk spoke even slower now, feeling unsettled and wishing one of the paramedics would come back and check on her. She had obviously lost her mind in the Odeon, when the shoe hit her. “Lori, you are a citizen here. You are not in America right now. There will be no bills to stress over,&r...

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