Chapter 8: The Forbidden Palace, After (2)
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to her left, opening the glass door to the shower and turning on the water. Stepping into the corner of the shower to avoid getting wet, she dialed Laurie’s number. It rang six times before reaching her voicemail, and she tried again, praying that she would pick up. The second attempt was equally fruitless, and she left a voicemail that she hoped would be audible with the water running right next to her. “Laurie, I am in the hotel with Mark. We need to trade places. Call me back.” After she hung up, she sent her a text message for good measure, essentially repeating what she’d said in the voicemail. She turned off the water and walked to the door, lost in thought. As she opened it, she was met with Mark’s concerned gaze.


    “How are you feeling, swe...

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