Chapter 2: When Lori Became Laurie (2)
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her with that she was driven mad by the opportunity in front of her. This could be her chance to escape from her miserable life, if only for one night! She had always behaved like the precious little starlet who always did as she was asked, and here was a chance to do something absolutely unhinged! “I have to get back in a few minutes and we don’t have much time.”


    Suddenly, there were two loud knocks on the door followed by Hulk’s booming voice. “Everything alright in there?”

    “Yes!” Lori screamed, realizing she sounded too shrill to be “alright”. She softened her tone and said, “Just cleaning up! I’ll be out in a few!” and turned to Laurie, with sheer panic in her eyes. “Decide.&rdquo...

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