Chapter 2: When Lori Became Laurie (1)
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Chapter 2: When Lori Became Laurie


Shock is a powerful thing. In a moment of revelation such as the one that Lori and Laurie experienced in that bathroom on the day of the premiere in the Odeon, time seems to slow down, and impulsivity reigns supreme. They were in that bathroom for nine minutes, but the choices made in those nine minutes would have very extreme consequences in the years to come. Those nine minutes would change their lives forever. As a matter of fact, in those nine minutes, Lori and Laurie would quite literally change their lives, by assuming each other’s identities.

    “Oh no,” Laurie sighed, slapping a hand against her forehead and staring at herself and Lori’s image in the mirror, “I’m seeing double alr...

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