Chapter 1: When Lori Met Laurie (Part 3) (2)
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to become as inaudible as possible, and ran a hand through her hair, quickly grabbing some toilet paper to clean up the front of her dress, which was no longer a spotless and pristine article of luxury. She trembled, hoping that she could sneak out of the bathroom unseen. She got up on her feet shakily, having a hard time balancing her weight on her heels, and unlocked the stall door, relieved to find the bathroom unoccupied and the stall next to her still closed and locked. She walked over to the sinks to wash her hands, still trying to be as quiet as possible, praying that whoever was in that stall would not come out until she had left.

    There were no words to describe Lori’s shock when the door of the stall opened, and as she looked at her weary reflection in the bathroom mirro...

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