Chapter 1: When Lori Met Laurie (Part 3) (1)
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Lori held on to Hulk as they walked through the enormous, thirsty crowd gathered in front of the Odeon in Leicester Square, looking like a feather caught in the middle of a hurricane, trying to cling to an oak. Hulk had put on dark sunglasses and wore his best “don’t-fuck-with-me” frown as he parted the sea of paparazzi, reporters, and fans, laser-focused on getting Lori into the building safely, and finding the director and publicity team waiting at a private room in the theater to brief her on the day’s expectations and schedule. By the time they arrived at the room, Lori exhaled for a good ten seconds, as if she had been holding her breath ever since she left the limousine, and she allowed her tense and upright posture to relax and reveal how exhausted she already was, a few minutes into the da...

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