Chapter 1: When Lori Met Laurie (Part 2)
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Laurie Temple had never been to London before. She had never worn a dress costing more than $100 before. And she had never even dreamed of attending a film premiere before. But here she was, in London, wearing a very pretty, pale blue Stella McCartney number, about to attend the premiere of The Bad Girl. She had no idea if it would be a good movie, but she was just thrilled to be there, right in the middle of the action.

    Laurie lived a rather simple life up to the day of the fated premiere. She grew up in the suburbs in West Seattle, married her high school sweetheart at the early age of 19, and regretted her decision every single day that followed her wedding. She grew up with very humble resources, due to her single father raising her alone and holding two minimum wage jobs...

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Table of Contents

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