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It is often said that twins have a certain kind of telepathy. There are reports about twins who dream the same dream simultaneously while they’re both asleep. There are tales of twins who can feel each other’s emotions and physical pain, even if they’re in different continents. There are even stories of twins who can speak to each other with their minds, having complete conversations by just looking at each other. There is so much mythology and speculation about the phenomenon of twins, but the “fun facts” usually come from people who are not twins. In the real world, a set of twins, identical or not, are simply two individuals who were born within seconds of each other. They, like most siblings around the world, tend to have very different personalities, desires, and talents.

    This is a story about two women, Lori and Laurie, who happen to be twins. They possess no superpowers. They cannot communicate telepathically. They are unable to feel each other’s sensations and emotions. Each woman belongs to herself alone, and each woman has a history and a mind that is exclusively her own. Aside from the fact that they are physically identical, there is nothing extraordinary about the pair . . . except for one thing.

    They have absolutely no knowledge of each other’s existence.

    For twenty-two years, they lived their lives and grew up completely oblivious to the fact that somewhere out there in the world, there lived a walking reflection of the woman they saw in the mirror every day. Little did they know that one day, without any warning, they would meet in the most unlikely of places.

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