A Touch of Noir
By Lisa M. Giannone

Kay Gardner      12/09/16 1:05 PM

mr. rogers' neighborhood - great!
Lisa M. Giannone      12/09/16 6:28 PM
You are so sweet! Thank you. I am really enjoying Windows. I think we are/have experienced similar things.. And still are.

Kay Gardner      11/14/16 10:05 AM

paranoia - heh.. didn't see that one coming ;)
Lisa M. Giannone      11/30/16 5:02 PM
i'm glad!!! so grateful for the read and the comment.

Kay Gardner      11/20/16 9:28 PM
very welcome, and thank YOU! :)

Lisa Giannone      11/19/16 4:50 PM
Thanks Kay! It means so much to you that you're reading this series. You are such a talented poet, and our paths cross on other sites.

Sandra Robinson      8/28/16 9:12 PM

Definitely! You too!
Lisa Giannone      8/29/16 3:30 PM
I think we're related.. :)

Sandra Robinson      8/27/16 9:13 PM

You are welcome! Thanks for being so supportive!
Lisa Giannone      8/28/16 6:16 PM
You got it. I like your work and we are kindred spirits now. Reach out anytime you need to.

Kay Gardner      8/22/16 1:51 PM

"death do us part" - ooooo very nice :)
Lisa Giannone      8/27/16 8:36 PM
Thanks Kay! Enjoying your poetry here and scriggler now too!

Sandra Robinson      8/18/16 12:56 AM

My soul mate! Keep writing GF! So great to chat with you!
Lisa Giannone      8/27/16 8:37 PM
Right back at ya. We are kindred spirits. Keep your head up.

Angel Davis      7/07/16 1:15 PM

Being ill, writing two series of my own, and working on a book right now have me swamped. However, I still make time to read my fellow authors on Channillo. I’m a little behind; Even so, reading A touch of Noir is like watching a Classic Noir film featuring ghostly, hard drinking, dubious characters with cheek and sexual drive. Angel Davis (Author of Thrive! Write Into The Pain & Raven Mocker: The Cherokee Night Goer)
Lisa M. Giannone      7/07/16 10:34 PM
Hi Angel, yes I am in similar boat. Battling many medical issues and operations, and I blog on two sites, write poetry on another, these two fiction series, and two new ones in the work, and a paying day job! :) And many of the sites also require me to read and critique others too. So a challenge. Especially when Channillo writers update on a daily basis. Thank you for the compliment. I am a huge fan of noir, and know this is a shadow of what it could be. I wanted to write it in a way that it would be a quick read, but with that it sacrifices deeper plot and character development. But I am writing another noir to print and will tackle it at a deeper level. Thanks for subscribing, reading and commenting. I have subscribed to Thrive, and hope to begin soon (when time allows) :)

Sandra Robinson      6/17/16 3:22 PM

Lisa Giannone      8/27/16 8:37 PM
Thanks Sandra, and to you as well!