Vista of a Sisyphean Mind
By Ibrahim Oga

liberonova      6/15/17 3:41 PM

Self-correction 101 makes me say: Ibrahim Oga, you are a gifted blogger, writer, thinker.
Ibrahim Oga      6/15/17 4:57 PM
You just made my day with this feedback. I appreciate, thank you.

liberonova      2/12/17 3:25 PM

I like 'Respect: the mirror effect'
Ibrahim Oga      2/12/17 5:36 PM
Thank you, Liberonova. It is one of my favorites.

liberonova      1/28/17 2:10 PM

Although I just read 'Heard', which I liked very much, I rushed to The Waiter because that is your last installment and otherwise I can't keep up with you. I am not only a slow writer, but a slow reader too. I appreciate the way you put your experience with life and your thinking in your writing. You are a good listener too. I bet nobody, girl or boy, woman or man, can be around you without being watched and heard. That's a huge quality. I feel heard by you too.
Ibrahim Oga      1/28/17 2:28 PM
Your compliments are heart warming. I'm striving to be better and write better today. You brighten up my day. Thank you, you're special.

Bill McStowe      1/16/17 11:37 AM

Found myself nodding along to The waiter. Aisha and I are both trying to figure out that individuality/uniformity thing.
Ibrahim Oga      1/16/17 1:15 PM
It'll be great to have that figured out. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Thank you.

liberonova      1/08/17 9:40 AM

Following you on Channillo and on your website: superbe!
Ibrahim Oga      1/08/17 10:44 AM
Yay! Thank you, it means a lot. Enjoy the read.

Bill McStowe      11/16/16 5:01 PM

Enjoyed it. Really liked that last line.
Ibrahim Oga      11/16/16 5:10 PM
I'm glad you do. Thank you for the feedback.

Bill McStowe      5/25/16 12:09 AM writing...share that failure. Take us for the ride!
Ibrahim Oga      5/26/16 1:01 PM
Story telling! Still trying to get there. I'll keep at it. I appreciate the feedback.

Ibrahim Oga      3/15/16 8:45 PM

Happy anniversary channilloers! I’m glad this column is here from day one. I’ll appreciate a feedback from you, is there anything more you expect from the column? Anything to help makes it better?