And that's how she cooks. (short story)
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Staying with siblings can be difficult. Every time I’m home, a lot of mean comments, though not meant, are said. This happens especially with my sister, more specifically because of food. She does the cooking now. After more than four decades of cooking for the family, mom likes to sit and be served now. Though mom, in her mid sixties, is still energetic; the retirement is very much deserved I believe. I just wished she’d be in the kitchen with my sister, monitoring things. Mom is a great cook. My sister is good, she could have been great too but, I think she’s a bit greedy in her cooking. She cooks to her own taste rather than to what everyone else wants.

I like my food to be well cooked, close to being burnt. The way I see it, it’s the best way to enjoy most meals....

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