Fumbling Beings
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    Humanity is enduring pain while striving for easiness and hoping for pleasure. It is holding on and hoping for a different outcome, a better one, from the same acts most of the time. Humanity is madness. Sanity is super. Why is perfectionism so desired? We crave extraordinary. This is our dilemma, craving more from mediocrity. This is also our motivation, we try again and again until something sparks a change in us then we go beyond. It is a thing of beauty and tragedy that only practice makes perfect. That a structured madness performed by a retentive, yet forgetful mind, creates rhythm and rhyme. Stumble before walk. Mumble before talk. Pencil before pen. To succeed, we first must fail. Though we only love wins, mistakes are vital part of the winning process to hate them too much.


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Table of Contents

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