To you, Seeker
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    There is a version of yourself you’ve always wish to uphold. This is not it. You are on a path you don’t recognize. But you know who you are. You may not remember how you got here, but you remember who you were. Whether through a series of subtle decisions or an abrupt event, you’re on a path you perceive as wrong. You are still you. It is in fact your footprints on this path. You are not lost. Not really. Why are you trying to “find” yourself? You are a summation of series of decisions compelled by time to be progressive. Your true self is on the path you consider to be right. To find yourself is to denounce the memories of your journey in the wrong path. But you walked the walk, there is not erasing that. You long to feel the feelings of the path before. This i...

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Table of Contents

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