Twinkle (short story)
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     The day smiles with you, Sunshine. Your illumination makes for the discovery of all beauty. You took a sip and my insipid black coffee taste like chocolate. I wonder what did the trick. Is it watching your lips kiss my mug or watching the coffee kiss your tongue? Is that wall yellow? I could have sworn it was grey before you walk in. It’s like the clouds cleared in the sky for more gleaming lights. The artificial plants suddenly look more alive. You bring a cheering vibe. All the previously judgy eyes in the café now glow in adoration. Now I am cute. I’m certain they’re rooting for us, rooting for me to do it. The graffiti I saw before that says: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” feels so powerful. Although it felt cheesy then.


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Table of Contents

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