Copies Of Adam 2 (short story)
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     In our lowest moments, the deceitful darkness is appealing.

     Highs and lows… there is no highs and lows. There is just the surface with potholes, manholes, and pits. The surface is where we belong. You may fall into the deepest pit, but Adam, no pit is bottomless. You can crawl out of it. Look at me, I was lost in the pit of mourning where you flourish. You were in control but you knew this day would come. You knew I, nay We, would climb up to the surface. It took a month but we did it.

     To feel is the very essence of mankind. To feel is to be free. We are only human through what we feel. To hurt when we lose is to appreciate when we gain. To miss what we had is to cherish what we have. We sacrifice some feelings just t...

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