Copies Of Adam 1 (short story)
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    I am overwhelmed by darkness. I am gloomy and I’ve settled in it.

    I use to be afraid of it, like you, but not anymore. I see why Uncle couldn’t snap out of it now. All the brightness and gleefulness I was afraid of losing are not here anymore more. Here, it’s just unbothered-ness and it doesn’t come with a burden. I am free of the burden of hope and ambition; free of fear of inadequacy and lost. It is easier to be cheerless and free than constantly chasing happiness that may never be. There is nothing to balance here, there is stability. All that headache from the stress of being “productive” is gone. I’m starting to see the futility in most of the things we do. I’m free of the perennial fluctuations of life. Highs and lows&helli...

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