A Lifetime in 3 Days - The Poison of Her Memory (4)
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to trust people knowing your business. I have always had trust issues.”

She searches my face, her features softening. “You’re a great guy and I don’t want a stupid comment by me to ruin this time together.” For the first time, her eyes held genuine hope, and who was I to deny it. I smiled and conceded “Perhaps you’re right. No need to be upset.” We both smiled and finished eating in silence.

After lunch, we decided to head back the way we came rather than cross the bridge to get back to where we started and then to our cabin. It would be downhill, so an easy trek. We were half-way back when we encountered a lone mountain bike cyclist. He warned us of a grizzly bear he had passed on the trial about 100 meters ahead. We had bear spray with us so...

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