A Lifetime in 3 Days - The Poison of Her Memory (3)
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or husband had tracked her here and that he was looking for her, not realizing she was a part of a tryst. I turned to look at her and ask her if she was married when I noted she was gone. Was that relief I felt? Then a voice called out “Cleaning Staff. Can I come in and make up your room sir?”

Once I realized that it was nothing out of the ordinary, I took a deep breath and responded with “No thank you, we’re good here today.”  

“Very good sir” and she was gone.

She wasn’t in the bed with me. I could however, hear her rummaging around in the kitchen, searching for gawd knows what and could distinctly hear the crackling of bacon slowly cooking, permeating the air with its olfactory pleasing aroma.

I slipped out of bed...

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