A Lifetime in 3 Days - The Poison of Her Memory (2)
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slapstick. Our discussion centered mostly on getting away from the city, the reasons for it, and how this place was a means of rejuvenation and mental health recovery. There was also talk of careers, career aspirations, hobbies and other trivial talk that strangers engage in to seem interested and interesting. Still, her career, designer clothes and expensive convertible suggested a propensity towards being aggressive and focused on what she wanted.

And on top of her obvious intellect, and determination to succeed there was her exceptional beauty, sculpted from hours of running, time in the gym lifting weights and of course genes gifted to her from her parents. It wasn’t long before my mind went foggy, lost focus on her words and began to drink in her flawless form. I say flawless as the sun rose higher and...

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Table of Contents

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