All Hallows Treat (2)
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his hands caressed her shoulders. Then, as he reached for the back of her head, he felt moisture and something that had a pulpy consistency. It wasn’t what he expected, so turned his gaze downward.

As he looked down at her to identify this mystery and too his horror noticed her open mouth, a mouth full of sharp teeth that no human should possess. He withdrew his hands from the back of her head and was shocked to see blood and soft spongy fragments of flesh, thanks to the light the moon provided. The back of her head was gone, the skull missing. As he opened his mouth to scream, her hand covered it, trapping his horror within.

She giggled and then said “See, I have a mind lover; and it’s on your hands.” She let out a blood curdling laugh and said “Alas, all you only...

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Table of Contents

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