The Lion King - Simba's Final Moments (1)
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The Lion King – Simba’s Final Moments 

Simba sat silent; his head hung in defeat. The battle this day was intense and bloody, but youth and strength had won out over cunning and experience.  Simba’s body was damaged beyond repair and death was now pulling him towards it’s dark embrace. It was no matter, as he knew he would soon be with his mother Sarabi, his father Mufasa, and the Kings of the past.

Death would have to wait a wee bit longer though as Simba’s fate was briefly interrupted by Nala. Simba heard her approach and lifted his head slightly, opening his eyes to take a look at her one last time. Nala stopped beside him and looked deep into the eyes of a former partner – her king. They held each others gaze until Simba stood and as...

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