Aristotles Final Dinner (3)
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was returned ten-fold, knowing Katy and how she always fawned over Aristotle.  Still, Katy was uneasy at first but realized that her fear was unfounded. Aristotle was indeed a wild cat, but she was also a dear friend.

Katy gradually lifted her right hand and slowly touched Aristotle’s head, scratching her friend behind the ears, causing the deep purring to get a bit louder. Aristotle allowed this for a while and then when seemingly satisfied, stood up and walked to the stairs.  Katy stood up and grabbed a blanket she kept in a box on the deck (for cooler days) and followed Aristotle. They travelled to the bottom of the stairs, a place where my friend had fed Aristotle, a place where the cat seemed to feel safe. Katy talked quietly to Aristotle as she spread out the blanket, making a comfortabl...

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