Aristotles Final Dinner (2)
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so someone could have a fur lined hood or coat. The thought angered her and was the catalyst for her animal activist undertakings that she carried on the rest of her life.

Katy managed to work the wire loose and slipped it off one of those big paw that allowed Aristotle the ability to traverse deep snow without sinking deeply. Slowly, carefully, Katy stood up and backed away, all the time facing the huge cat. Aristotle licked the paw for a short period and stood up as well.  She stared at Katy for a few moments and slowly trotted off until she disappear into the dense foliage. Katy smiled proudly as she watch the cats retreat.  She returned her focus and anger to the trap and removed it from its well camouflaged resting place, later dumping it in the garbage when she returned from her walk and i...

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