With Parenthood Came Daily Resolutions
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Christmas and New Year's Eve of 2016. The last two legs of the yearly holiday trifecta. The holiday season was always tiring and a little stressful before my son arrived. I never imagined just how much having a toddler around would exacerbate the weariness my wife and I felt. We had to do all our holiday activities while making sure our little stuntman survived daily roller derby bouts with the furniture. My wife and I had practically grown eyes in the backs of our heads once the previously immobile one started taking steps. But even those eyes would have bags under them by the start of January.  

Christmas Eve had always been spent at my parents’ house for as long as I could remember. 2016 saw us back over there but this time with a tiny, bumbling blur of a human. We would usually s...

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Table of Contents

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