The Lies We Would Tell Ourselves
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The end of November 2016 brought a huge milestone to my son’s life; the little guy turned a year old. It seemed after I became a dad, it was as if I turned into a dog; my son aged one year but I felt seven years older. All the sleepless nights had taken a toll and I became positive that children were like energy vampires. Every nightly crying fit and wide-eyed stare at 3 AM just sucks a bit of power from your body. Luckily, the influence of coffee restored energy levels within myself and my wife every day.

We had to have a party for the big event and eventually decided to host it at a local park. At first, we entertained the idea of holding it in our house. But then we remembered that parties leave behind a huge mess. And let’s be honest; since bringing home our little boy, a mess...

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