We Traveled by Way of Clown Car
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August 2016 marked the first time my son enjoyed the adventure of a family vacation. Well, enjoyed might be too strong of a word. It was more like he enjoyed the destination, but only tolerated the journey to get there. Kids provide many new wrinkles in life, to go along with the many new wrinkles on your forehead. Some of these issues are not evident until they hit your face with a scream in the same decibel range as a rock concert.

Did you know that when you pack for a trip with a child, it really is best if you rent a trailer for the extra items you bring? And those are just the kid’s additional things. I couldn’t believe how much crap my wife and I would have to pack for an infant. We have always compiled a list of the belongings we would take on our vacations. With our young chi...

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Table of Contents

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