Our Mirrors Needed Witness Protection
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February 2016 was an interesting time in my household. Up to that point, my son had graced my wife and I with months of untimely wake-up calls and constant turndowns of our attempts at bedtime services. Basically, he was the manager of the hotel from Hell. It was a struggle to keep sanity alive, as newborns are equipped with the tools to destroy your mental health. My wife and I held it together by relying on each other. And by hiding all our mirrors so we didn’t have to see our daily deterioration from all the stress. I’m sure to other people, we looked as though we were lost in the wilderness for weeks at that point.

I bring up this period of time for one reason; my wife’s period of FMLA had ended and she was headed back to work. That’s right, it was time for the househ...

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