Bacia (4)
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her, “I need help!” The woman seemed oblivious to Sarah and didn't even look in her direction. Baffled at the lack of response, Sarah looked back at the house. She was outside, so why was no one hearing her? Grabbing a man's arm, she shook him violently, screaming, “Look at me! Help me!” Again, no one turned to her or seemed to hear her. Sarah sank to her hands and knees in the grass, twisting her fingers into the blades until some tore free. She closed her eyes and immediately smelled the distinct musty smell of the old home and could feel the cold, broken floor boards beneath her. She was back inside the house at the window she'd just jumped from, but now the window was completely sealed with glass. Sarah pulled herself up by the sill and, in dazed horror, watched as the people on...

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