Versions of You (2)
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here to weed out those versions and allow the remaining version continuation. Clear as mud?"

You, Mister Backpack and Granola, raised a finger.

"Really?" Suit and Tie said. "Is this third grade now?"

You ignored him. "The Event?" you asked.

The Selector sighed. "The Apocalypse. The Great Die-out. The Cataclysm. The Mass Extinction. The End Times if you're into The New Testament," she said and with each she whirled her hand as if to say "And on and on and on." "Like the script says, this can be a painfully difficult experience. If we could get on with it you can go about your selected life experience and I can get to the next person and their versions. I have a twenty-person daily quota I have to meet. Please be respectful of my time."<...

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