"A Note For When She Wakes Up" by David Just
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It would have been so perfect.

I started the note on the ceiling above her bed so it would be the first thing she saw when she woke up. I made the first few words big so she couldn’t miss it. It started simple. I told her how beautiful the day was going to be and how happy I was she could see it. It went across the ceiling and down the wall towards her closet. There wasn’t much in there. She didn’t wear a lot of “nice” clothes like dresses and things you need to hang up. But I’d bought her a really nice robe. She liked soft things. The note went around the back of the closet telling her that I hoped she liked the robe. I also included an inside joke about the tortoise we caught in Arizona. She’d get it, you wouldn’t. Out of the closet the note wen...

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