"Dr. Google" by Brooke Reynolds (2nd Place) (1)
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            Um, what is this bump?  I swear I’ve never seen it before.  It’s kind of brown and raised.  Smooth and maybe slightly soft?  I grab my cell phone and take a pic for a better look.  Did it just move?  Oh shit, it did move.   Ick, now I’m getting the ‘heebie jeebies’.  Deep breath, deep breath.  In and out.  Slower.  Slower.  Okay.  Let’s think this through. 

            Maybe it’s a tick.  Ohhhh, no.  No. No. No. Not a tick.  Melissa got Lyme’s disease from a tick in 5th grade and almost died.  She was hospitalized for 3 months and has lifelong complications.  I do not need this right now. ...

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