"Dead Bespoke" by Philip Ridgers (2)
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good,’ Sariel replied.

‘Which one’s that on the system again?’ Dina asked. She gave an apologetic shrug to Ryan. ‘Sorry, I’m new.’

‘Option five,’ Sariel said.

Dina punched a few keys. ‘It’s not working,’ She said.

Sariel glanced over at the screen. ‘You’re not connected to the Radiance Hub.’

‘Oh yeah, that,’ Dina said. ‘I sort of forgot my password.’

Sariel pursed her lips, then mumbled something angry sounding. She took an exaggerated deep breath. ‘Click there, copy and paste those words into the password section…’

‘That doesn’t sound very secure,’ Dina said.

‘Yet it’s proved an essential backup once again,’ Sariel replied. &lsq...

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