"The Oppenheimer Curse" by Chris Waltz (2)
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it,” I said nonchalantly.

He stared at me as if I was testing his moral integrity. “Really?”

“Yes. Just take it before I change my mind. You’re a minor.”

“But I was stealing these from you. I thought that was why you were lecturing me. I thought you were trying to teach me some kind of life lesson about earning what I have, or working hard, or something like that.”

I brought my hands up to my face and rubbed my eyes. I was tired and anxious and just wanted him to shut the fuck up and take the beer, though it was true the only reason we were even speaking to each other was because I had woken up from a nap only to discover Tony rummaging through my fridge, tucking cans of crappy, hipster beer into his jacket. I wasn’t sure who w...

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