"Let's Go" by Malissa Greenwood (2)
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Betsy barks and interrupts my memories. We continue on at a brisk pace - she’s obviously in a hurry to be somewhere, to smell something. Is this how she is for the dog walker? Or is she trying to pull me away to somewhere? Away from something?

We’re only a couple of blocks away from the house when I hear it – a loud bang like a gunshot. I hear myself shriek as I hit the ground, ducking from what is surely gunfire. This is it, oh my God! I’m lying on the ground, protecting myself with my hands over my head, waiting for more shots. But they don’t come. Instead I hear a couple of car doors slamming. I’m afraid to turn and look but I’m afraid not to. When I roll onto my side, I see two men with flashlights looking inside the hood of a...

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