"One-Eyed Undertaker" by Carrie Connel-Gripp (Tie for 3rd Place) (3)
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Danny on the next coach east, booking his wife into the sanatorium in Chicago.  Then Rory sent word they were headed for New York and better doctors.  Her tube … tubic … TB went into some kind of remission and praise be Rory and Danny didn’t contract it.

Jacob’s family wasn’t the only one to leave at that time.  Others trickled away streaming east and west.  Jacob heard a few headed north to Canada or south to Mexico.  He thought they just went till they could go no further.  The ones who stayed – old mostly, tired of travelling – died slowly over the years.  The Howes died within hours of each other; buried together in one coffin.  Jacob wondered to this day if he did right by putting Mildred in on top of old Fred.  He shook his...

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