"The Sin Eater" by Holly Tellander (1st Place) (3)
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holds an unshakable belief in the superiority of her race, and who has generations of rhetoric and violence bubbling close under the surface. It’s palpable as we stare at each other in the jaundiced light.

 “I know you’ve been cleaning up that bitch’s porch.” She inhales deeply and blows the smoke in my direction. “Do you know that she slept with my husband for ten years? Still think she’s worth the trouble?” She eyes me but I don’t flinch. “Even you are better than to clean up after the likes of her.” She scoffs and the tip of her cigarette glows an angry red. I watch a tear leak out and catch in a crevice of her face, not doubting for a moment that it’s the stinging smoke, not guilt or fault or regret.

She reaches up with her c...

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