"Beyond the Grave" by Katharina Klamt (3)
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I didn’t want to say anything, but... you’re rotting. At a disgusting speed too.’

‘What!?’ He jumped up and looked into the mirror. ‘Holy shit.’ His skin was grey, his cheeks hollow and he had lost a good deal of hair. He slumped down in front of his reflection and blanked out the conversation around him.


‘Is there a reason we’re doing this here?’ Adam glumly regarded his own gravestone.

‘Well, we don’t know what will happen after, you know. Whether you will just vanish or drop or...’ Steve shrugged helplessly.

‘Let’s do this, please. I want to burn this book.’ Ellen had decided she wanted no part in things this powerful. She had a lighter ready and was holding the dry paper and leather an inch aw...

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Table of Contents

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