"Beyond the Grave" by Katharina Klamt (1)
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The world was coming back into focus. Adam’s head was foggy, but his surroundings took on sharper edges with each blink. He was staring up at a grey sky, half hidden by barren branches. His clothing was soaked, both from the drizzle above and the slush around him, a reminder of a once wonderful blanket of snow.

Adam wiggled his limbs and found his condition was improving rapidly, the fog cleared and he didn’t seem hurt. Why was he lying around outside though? Had he drunk enough to pass out on his way home? But he didn’t have a headache to go with it.

‘Oh well, shit happens.’ He got up and looked at the mess his clothes were. He would never hear the end of it if he showed up like that at home. Looking down at his shoes he noticed what he was standing on. ‘...

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