2015 Short Story Contest Finalists
By Various Authors
9/1/15 "Green Means Stop" by Opher Goodwin
10/2/15 "Under the Cover of Dreams" by Lynn Forrest
11/1/15 "Beverage Therapy" by Eliza Leone
12/3/15 "The Scar" by Tom Farr
1/11/16 "The Slush Pile" by Ryan Lackey
2/2/16 "Gas Station Flowers" by C.E. Stokes (3rd Place)
3/6/16 "Monster Mash" by Julia Patt (1st Place)
4/19/16 "New Age Digital Hero" by Joe Prosit (2nd Place)
5/25/16 "Hair Dying" by Melissa Algood
6/25/16 "Visitation" by Devan Burton
7/12/16 "The Cricket Breeder" by Justin Overton
8/1/16 "The Children of Muspell" by Katie Drake