"Under the Cover of Dreams" by Lynn Forrest
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“Ashlyn Danae Duvall?”

Do they have to use my full name? Ash complained silently as she approached the receptionist's desk. It still made her think of the idiots who'd called her “ADD” and “Double D” in high school over thirteen years ago. Since she'd inherited Grandma Danae's name but not her rack, the second insult stung the most.

The receptionist took no notice of Ash's exasperation. “Please sign this form. You'll be in room 2-C.”

“Another form?”

“It acknowledges your informed consent to use that room.”

Ash ran her eyes down the dense paragraphs and the equipment list below them. She put on her glasses when she found herself squinting at the smaller text. She hated wearing them, but con...

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Table of Contents

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