"The Children of Muspell" by Katie Drake
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If he succeeds he will make me break my oath, Mara thought while spying on her brother. He was stretched out precariously on top of the patio wall, basking in the sun.

Mara left the shelter of the almond tree. The stone patio burned the bottom of her bare feet and the little bells on her ankle bracelets jingled as she approached the patch of shade near the wall.

Aedan turned his head at the sound of Mara’s bells and picked up where they left off the night before. “Do you not understand your position at all, Sinmara?” he asked.

“I do,” Mara said, blinking at the whiteness of the sky behind him.

Aedan planned to kill their father, King Sutr, and rule the world of Muspell. And he wanted her help.

“Well, then, Sister,&rdqu...

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Table of Contents

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